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Build Your Own Ad

Creating an advertisement is very complex process. Users needed to be able to build their own native ads. Sharethrough wanted to support new types of content in the platform. To do this we needed to create a content builder and also rework the ad creation flow to support the new content types.

Ad Creation Flow

Platform users have different roles, there are brand managers, agencies, and customer success managers. Depending on the role and where things are in the creation of the campaign their are things we don't know.

  • What is the objective of your ad?
  • What type of content are you advertising?
  • Is it a link, a video, a Vine?
  • Do you have the URL for your content?
Content Builder

We needed to support a new type on content in the product. The goal was to allow users to create their own ad. We started with uploading images and a wysiwyg editor. This made for a richer native ad experience. Let the user do more, see more, and try more before sending off the ad.

After version one we needed to be able to support multiple cards or slides within an ad. We also wanted to make the experience easier and less error prone. With these goals in mind we did some remote whiteboard sessions with the team and started the ball rolling.

After landing on a few different approaches we decided to make some prototypes and test with internal users. The feedback I recieved from watching people use these prototypes led to a much improved content builder experience.

Build Your Own Ad
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